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Why Me...

Because I have the ability to meet any of the creative and art related technical challenges projects require.  As such, I've been described as "The Swiss Army Knife Art Department."

And because I bring a really good energy and humor to the work.  I have the ability to break the ice if the talent or “real people” are stuck.  Like one of my favorite shots, left.

Chris Mooney and I were hired by the Tohono Oo’dham Nation to shoot a body of work about tribal life featuring their elders.  As we got these venerated ladies all situated in this room, especially built for “The Elders”, it seemed that they weren’t smiling.  We were stuck.  So I whispered to them “Why don’t you talk about your first boyfriends”!   Instantly they smiled as though they were girls again—with the new boyfriends.  It was a great moment.

Motion:I offer the following servides:

Location and Settings:

Conceptualizing Selection/Buying
Set Dressing

Moderate/Elaborate and pre-prep/onsite

All styles of arrangements and containers

Casting and Talent Management on Set
Wardrobe Selection/Buying/Management (Emergency repairs)
Make Up**- Ranging from Light and Polished to Heavy Theatrical
Hair- Simple/Casual/Professional and Elaborate Updo's

**Professional Credentials: Licensed Esthetician by the State of Arizona
for skincare and make up.

Design, construction and staging

I have been a stylist for more than 15 years working with award-winning photographers and film production crews.  My "motion" experience includes a full length feature film and numerous commercials and short films. For more information on the specifics of my work, please send me an email and I'll forward my Styling Resume.

Day rates quoted in a project basis.


Over the years clients have specifically said that what made me different was my ability to simply communicate on all levels.  I have an exceptional ability to listen to your needs, grasp your concept, hash the options and turn out great design.  I also bring a sense on context to all the work—about the target audience, how the image/phrases play out in current media and make every effort to have the finished product reflect the uniqueness of each client.  Tight deadlines and oceans of ideas to be sorted don’t scare me.  Let’s jump in.


Professional Me
After studying graphic design at the University of Arizona, my professional design career started (Yikes!) over 30 years ago.

Personal Me

In that time I’ve had the opportunity and the wonder lust to move from graphics, to styling, to films, to environmental design and back again. Since I grew up in the middle of nowhere, its probably why I’ve always wanted the room to design in all kinds of settings.  

A big part of my evolution was in the tiny artist’s colony of Tubac, AZ.  In a place like that, you have to be careful not to get lost between locations or you could end up in Mexico! And it was there in Tubac  in 1992 that I had the chance to get a feel for, not only graphics, but branching out into all the projects that clients need.  It was right around the time that the Macintosh computer was revolutionizing the world of graphic design and print media.

The predominance of my career has involved real estate enterprises, but also includes restaurants, fountain designers, pharmacies, art galleries and veterinarians.  As you look through my online portfolio, I think it speaks to the fact that “I don’t do anything the same way twice”.  Each client has a personality.  A uniqueness.  And I honor that.

Traveling the long and winding road in advertising, I have mostly been on a solo gig, until last March (‘08) when I took studio space with my long time colleagues and pals, Balfour Walker, Chris Mooney and Martha Lochert.  Frankly I can’t imagine walking very far down this same road without the support of the fellow inmates here.  We call our loose association 650 Studio—A Collaboration and you can find them below.

Leslie Lobster

Personal Me
There I was an orphan, with only a thin cat, walking miles uphill both ways, through the snow in flip flops to a one room school house....  Not really.    My ancestors are hardy stock—loving and gracious folks who were ALL fabulous cooks and came to Arizona right before the turn of 20th century.  

Mom and Dad lived at Wethersfield Field AFB, in England when I was born in 1958.  And like all the babies on base, I  had a sign over my bassinette that said “Made in England By Americans”.  However our Airforce days were numbered. We came back to Arizona where Dad went back to farming and ranching.  A year later, in 1960, my sister best pal of all time, Lisa was born.

I’m deeply blessed with daughters, Delaney and Alexandra.  Alex, fitness trainer and Community Events Coordinator for the Rancho Sahuarita Activity Center, and her husband, Sahuarita Real Estate specialist Billy Hix, brought the spectacular Addison Grace into our lives on June 2, 2009.  Delaney is working an exciting career in restaurant management.


Facebook: Leslie Evans

Twitter: getgreatstyle

Resumé: Click Here

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